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Field Report 18: Marching Johnny

21/5 - 2015

Hello and welcome to our eighteenth field report!

Free-look demonstration and a different perspective on reloading

Today, we bring you a few short ingame videos. The first one is showcasing our free-look mechanic which will be essential in order to make sure the formation of the regiment is kept in a functional state. By pressing “alt” the player is able to freely look around while being on the move.

The second video is showcasing our rifle reload animation, this time from a third person perspective. Enjoy!

Updated forests & Poffenberger Farm scene

Our forests have been going through yet another asset update. Below are a few screenshots of the new look as well as an old screenshot for comparison.


The Joseph Poffenberger Farm located just north of North Woods is featured below. Here, General Hooker’s First Corps would camp for the night the day before the battle. Later, that morning, the farm would once again host Union soldiers. This time it would be the soldiers of Sedgwick’s Division seeking refuge and shelter after the “Disaster in the West Woods”.

Skirmishes launching later this year

Lastly, we’d like to give our followers an update regarding what to expect from the very first WoR test phase, named Skirmishes set to launch later this year via a game purchase at our website Skirmishes will provide players with a set of smaller battles (as the name suggests) which are confined to certain areas of our huge maps. This will provide us with the option of pushing new content and mechanics straight to the Skirmishes owners and get instant feedback as well as allow you, the players, to get your first tastes of WoR while work continues on our fully fledged Historical Battles in the background.

We will be revealing more of just what the Skirmishes will offer as well as a launch date when we get closer.

That's all for now. Until next time, have a good one!