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War of Rights Header

About the Team

We are Campfire Games, a studio born from the passion and inspiration of two developers from Denmark: Mads “Trustyjam” Larsen and Emil “Fancy Sweetroll” Hansen. Our love for the American Civil War lead us to a dream of creating a game where we could share their interest with the rest of the world in a fun, yet educational setting. After more than four years of hard work, astounding progress has been made, and a talented and equally passionate group has been brought together to bring this dream to the realm of reality.


Do you have an inquiry for the Campfire Games team? Do you have any questions about the game? Then the following email is the place to contact us.


Are you looking for a job? Then the following email can be used for sending in job applications.

Error Reports

Does the game not work for you? Does it crash during startup, does it crash during gameplay? Then the following link can be used for sending in the required files for the Campfire Games team to debug the issue.

Error Reporter